Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition currently has four location-specific Local Teams with associated email groups to discuss issues relevant to that area (San Mateo County, Palo Alto, Mountain View and San José). While the San Mateo County Local Team currently covers issues from all over the county, we are now starting an email group for North San Mateo County to specifically focus on cities from the City of San Mateo north to Daly City, South San Francisco and Brisbane. This is to provide a better opportunity for people who bike in those cities to get engaged and discuss issues with their neighbors. We hope to eventually establish an additional Local Team in this area as well.

All of our email groups are entirely optional and open to the public. Discussions had over the email group are publicly viewable however email addresses are hidden. Common topics on the other forums include important upcoming public meetings, road hazards or changes to be aware of, bike-related events and action alerts.

If you join this group, we encourage you to post relevant news, events or discussion questions periodically. We want this forum to stay active and involve those who live in the area.

Please consider joining the North San Mateo County email group today!