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We had two presentations. The first was by Dan Collen (County of Santa Clara) and John Ciccarelli (Bicycle Solutions) on the County Expressway Plan 2040. The focus was on that section of San Tomas Expressway that passes through Campbell. The goal is to incorporate the Complete Street Approach with the Expressway Plan 2040. For the bicyclist this means making travel along the expressway safer for both the commuter and the recreational biker; making travel across the expressway safer by using signals and grade separations that take into consideration the bike riders’ range of experience which may include school-age kids; and detection signals that use adaptive timing to allow longer crossing times. For the pedestrian this means making walking along the expressway safer when going to and from bus stops; finding safe walking alternatives through adjacent neighborhoods; and making it safer to walk across the expressway by using adaptive timing signals and clear road markings.

Our second presenter was Kirk Heinrichs, Project Manager for the City of Campbell. He reviewed the California Complete Streets Act Amendment to Land Use and Transportation Element as it applies to Campbell. The goal of this project is to reduce traffic and make travel by bicycle and on foot easier and safer. Several revisions were made to the policies of the 2008 Plan. “The proposed policy changes memorialize current practices with respect to bicycle and pedestrian policy and improvements in Campbell and propose new strategies to improve bicycle, pedestrian, and public transit use in our streets and rights-of-way”. The BPAC members were asked to submit suggestions by June 6th. All plans must be finalized by the January 2015 deadline.

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