At the beginning of this month, Corinne and I ventured up to our northernmost jurisdiction (Daly City) to meet with San Mateo County’s longest-serving councilmember and avid bicyclist, Michael Guingona.

We were most impressed with Michael’s “Bike with Mike” initiative in which he aims to ride every street in Daly City on his bike. So far, he’s ridden 36 of 118 paved roads in the city. His aim is to promote the health and environmental benefits of riding your bike as well as to assess the strength of bicycle infrastructure in his beloved city.

Daly City is both the largest and densest city in San Mateo County with just over 100,000 residents in 7.7 square miles. Many of the residents work outside of Daly City, either in San Francisco to the north or in other cities on the Peninsula. The city adopted a bicycle and pedestrian plan in 2013. They were also recently awarded Transportation Development Act, Article 3 (TDA-Article 3) funds from the City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) to install bike lanes on Geneva Avenue, which will connect the Bayshore neighborhood to San Francisco.

SVBC looks forward to working more with Councilmember Guingona and the City of Daly City as they work to implement the bicycle plan and improve infrastructure for their residents. Do you live or work in Daly City? Let us know in the comments what improvements you would like to see or if you would like to get more involved in your city.