Skyline action alert - pothole

As many of you know, the condition of Highway 35 (Skyline Road) has been seriously degraded after a recent chip seal paving job. With your help, I believe we can get Skyline repaved. Please read on for more background and what specific action you can take today to make it happen.

SVBC has been working with Caltrans to find solutions to the issue–hosting meetings with Caltrans staff to examine the roadways, etc. We've really appreciated their openness to engage with us on this issue and try to proactively find solutions.

However–we have come to conclude that no matter how many of the 200+ potholes (see below for more info) they repair on Hwy 35, there remains the fact that the roadway is extremely rough due to the large diameter chip seal that was used, among other road surface issues. (SVBC has successfully taken steps to ensure that the max size of chip seal in Caltrans' specifications has been reduced, so this won't happen on our roads in the future.)

At this time, we have decided to find some political support to help bring Caltrans the funding to repave Skyline. If you've ridden Skyline and are as dismayed as we are by the road's condition, we're asking you to share your thoughts with Jeremy Dennis, who is the director of State Assembly Member Rich Gordon's district office. Please take a moment to email him now at and share your concerns about Hwy 35. The more emails he receives, the more he will understand the importance of this issue to the people traveling through the 24th District.

More info on the road surface issues:
Our campaign lead Bruce Hildenbrand made the following counts regarding the road surface problems on Hwy 35 during a detailed survey:
238: # of Potholes (147 East direction/ 91 West direction)
520: # of Raveling areas (293 East direction/ 227 West direction)
152: # of Edge problems (58 East direction/ 94 West direction)
174: # of Ridge problems (88 East direction/ 86 West direction)