Bikes on BART

Great news this week from our friends at BART BIKES ONboard. If you take your bike on BART, or want to do so in the future, take a moment to thank the BART Board members for working to improve access.

Greetings Bicycle Commuters and Supporters,

The BART Board voted at its May 23 meeting to lift the bike blackout starting July 1 for a five-month trial period. This is another step in the right direction! The Board will be asked to vote again in November to make these new rules permanent.

Please take a moment to thank the BART Board for voting for better bike access on BART. Send an email to and copy

Here's BART's press release:

Thank you to all who sent emails of support and attended the meeting. The Board responded to your strong support by voting in favor of more bikes on BART!

More bikes, no blackout,

Shirley Johnson
BART BIKES ONboard project