SVBC Volunteer Party and Chili Cook-off

We all had a lovely time last night at our first-ever Volunteer Party and Chili Cook-off. There was chili (which was exceptional), there was cornbread (which was fantastic), and there was a gaggle of SVBC volunteers (who are also exceptional and fantastic). We staff members did our best to emulate our volunteers' typical grace under fire as we parked bikes and took on tabling duties.

There was, of course, a fiercely competitive element to the evening – THE CHILI (and cornbread) WARS! A hard battle was fought by several Stew Soldiers and Bread Battling Bicyclists, and in the end the victorious were crowned:

  • Best Spicy Chili: Janet Lafleur
  • Best Vegetarian Chili: Sue Young
  • Best Vegan Chili: Monica Schwenke
  • Best Cornbread: Dave Erskine

The four winners were rewarded handsomely, with Sports Basement gift certificates all around. Off to Charity Madness they go!

Thanks to all who joined us, and to all the volunteers who put our crazy schemes into action throughout the year!