San Mateo County Department of Public Works has prepared a modified design of Alpine Road under Highway 280 after incorporating some of our input. Due to their grant funding timeline, this is moving very quickly and they will be submitting their encroachment permit to Caltrans in the very near future–probably next week. Our window for making minor adjustments to the design is short, and it's probably not reasonable to expect major changes without derailing the project entirely.

At the District 4 Caltrans Bicycle Advisory Committee yesterday we were able to check out the County's current design. I took some photos which are included here. I hope to get some pdfs from the County but for now I thought people might like to see my photos.

One note on the design–there is a portion of the drawing where the green of the bike lane appears solid inside the dashed white lines, but if you refer to the “pavement delineation detail” on file #4 you'll note that the green is also blocked.