Happy Thanksgiving from the top of Kennedy

How did you spend your Thanksgiving morning? I was one of the hundreds of people that rode to the top of Kennedy on a beautiful Thursday morning to enjoy the gorgeous view and pre-thanksgiving feast at the top! This was my first year participating in the event and I was totally astonished by the number of participants that braved the 2500ft climb and 14-16% grade. Talk about a great way to work up an appetite. There were people of all ages and fitness levels making the climb and many brave dads with trail-a-bikes hauling kids to the top. The biggest group took off from Summit Bicycles in downtown Los Gatos to get the event going and dozens of other brave souls left at their own pace from wherever they could find parking. It was great to see that a community could come together and support an active lifestyle. Everyone I met along the ride was very encouraging as most riders take many rest stops. I would not consider myself a climber, but at no point along the way did I feel left out or falling behind. There are so many people coming and going that there is always someone by your side to share in the pain. I recommend everyone experience this event at least once and no need to worry if your bike is outdated, the ride is a museum of mountain bikes!