It's election season here at SVBC, which means it's time for members to select new and returning members of our Board of Directors. SVBC members who are current as of November 18, 2012, will receive an email with a link to vote online, sent to the email address currently on record with SVBC. Paper ballots will also be available at our Winter Member Party. To become a member, or renew your membership, click here.

All individuals running for the Board have been placed on the current Board of Directors' recommended slate. There are six seats to be filled. Review the candidate statements below.

New candidates

Carolyn Helmke
I've been riding my bike since I was five years old and never looked back. I am an unrelenting road rider, and love riding the loop on my Breezer Seven Speed. It would be fun to go faster and farther on a sleeker bike, but I like the workout I get. I only have one bike and use it for rides, shopping, getting around town.

I've worked professionally in promoting bikes as transportation since 1994, most notably at RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, The City of Berkeley, the City of Emeryville, Stanford University and the Active Transportation Alliance.

I am now selling “Commuter Checks” as a benefit to employers; participating on the SVBC Board is a great way for me to stay connected to the bike world and work to improve our infrastructure so that more people want to ride and can get to where they are going safely.

Ann Jasper
Ann grew up on a Schwinn Stingray, which she gleefully picked out of her godmother’s Schwinn bike shop and rode so much that the white banana seat turned pink from constant contact with her burgundy corduroys (they were groovy in the 70’s). She rode all over her hometown of Petaluma, CA until she got her driver’s license. Her car took her everywhere, but sadly, it refocused her life on the destination instead of the journey.

Several years later, Ann found herself on a ride in Los Gatos, during which she nearly passed out from exhaustion – but also recalled the thrill of riding. This started Ann’s path back to enjoying the journey, via a road bike that’s about one-third the weight of her old Stingray. She has participated in a number of centuries, picking up a boyfriend along the way who is just as enthusiastic about cycling. The two even traveled to the 2011 Tour de France, during which they rode famous climbs such as Alpe d’Huez and Col du Galibier.

Training for these journeys has been made more enjoyable by SVBC’s efforts to improve bike lanes and to advocate for cyclist safety, a fact that was not lost on Ann. As a token of appreciation, she donated a small refrigerator to the SVBC office when their old one had chilled its last water. In 2012, she decided to get more involved by serving as a liaison between SVBC’s San Jose Team and the Policy Advisory Committee, helping to bring local issues to SVBC’s attention.

As a cyclist who lives and works in Silicon Valley, Ann has a keen interest in improving riding conditions for cyclists and promoting community participation in cycling, whether it be for practical or recreational purposes. She believes that the best way to promote a “share the road” culture is to get more people on bikes, even if only on an occasional basis. Ann is especially encouraged by the Safe Routes to School program, because she believes that helping kids to see the benefits (and fun!) of cycling is a great way to help develop the biking community for the long-term.

Cheryl Smith
Cheryl discovered she liked bike commuting to work as a way to train for long events and for many more reasons. As a nearly life-long type 1 diabetic, she appreciates the daily health benefits of exercise. As a casual environmentalist, she appreciates the sustainability aspect of it. She has been fortunate enough to take several international bicycling trips and enjoys looking at the infrastructure and attitudes other countries have toward cycling. She has been captain of several Tour de Cure teams and organized Bike to Work Day, Earth day and Diversity day, Bicycle Exchange activities through her work club. Cheryl considers herself very fortunate to live in a climate that allows biking almost all year and near so many trails and a Caltrain stop.

Cheryl Smith works at SAP where she founded the SAP Cycling Club. The club now has both an active local chapter and an internal website with members throughout the world commenting on their favorite rides, equipment and advocacy activities. The club has led initiatives to secure more bicycle parking, repair stations, and towel service for the campus. They have also sponsored events so companies can share information and activities.

Incumbents running for reelection

Ian Dewar (Joined the Board in 2011)
Ian is committed to the ongoing success of building cycling momentum in the Silicon Valley. His experience as a cyclist began where most people’s did – he rode his bike to elementary school. Remaining a cyclist by financial necessity he continued to do so through high school, university, graduate school and his first job. He didn’t intend to make a statement about cycle commuting – it was just easier and more efficient. He has worked in cycling related employment for 15 years, starting in 1996 as a bicycle tour guide, moving into event planning for cycling companies and working with professional teams. Ian is committed to increasing the use of bicycles for transportation as well as leisure. His primary focus is twofold – getting kids on bikes and creating infrastructure to allow safer bicycle use. He believes in Silicon Valley we are primed for growth on both fronts.

James Lucas (Joined the Board in 2011)
As a youth, James Lucas fell in love with the freedom his blue, 24” wheeled Schwinn Varsity could give him. He didn’t know at the time that this passion would cause him to seek out all knowledge bike related and result in his becoming a race mechanic, fit technician, and an expert in retail operations. He has spent the last 10 years managing people, operating a business, and converting people into regular cyclists.

At UCSB, James served the campus community on multiple boards of governance and as the Student Director of the Sport Clubs program. He competed in the first ever Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships, raced incessantly, and provided mechanical support for Shimano and the USA Cycling National Team during his tenure there. Afterward, he followed his passion to the University of Wyoming to work on his Master’s in Exercise Physiology. There, he taught Exercise Physiology and served his campus community on boards of governance.

James is now working on his next level of service through bicycle advocacy. He went to his first National Bicycle Summit in 2010 and saw what individuals can do accomplish just by showing up. When James isn’t wearing every possible hat running Calmar Bicycles, he follows his two young sons on their rides to the park.

Jim Parker (Joined the Board in 2007)
“I believe that there has never been a better opportunity for SVBC to positively influence our community, and I’d like to assist in those efforts.”

Jim has been an avid cyclist for the past 20 years in and around Silicon Valley, including century rides and commuting to work, as well as being a founding member of two of the larger regional triathlon clubs, Silicon Valley Triathlon Club and TRIbe.

Jim is interested in incentivizing more local employers to encourage bicycle commuting.