Great news this week regarding the potential restriping of Alpine Road as it approaches and passes under Highway 280 in San Mateo County. SVBC has been looking to get improvements on this stretch of road for two years now, since the tragic death of cyclist Lauren Ward at that intersection in 2010. County Public Works staff has been working closely with SVBC members and staff to safely redesign the paint striping at that intersection, and searching high and low for the funding to do so. Several attempts to fund the redesign have resulted in disappointment, but here at SVBC we've been very impressed with the diligence with which County staff has pursued the project.

Now, it seems the project is getting a shot in the arm. County staff are anticipating that they will finally be able to secure funding for the redesign through a combination of County and grant funding. The crucial vote will come at the San Mateo County Transportation Authority meeting on November 1. Just as crucially, Caltrans has agreed to prioritize and expedite its encroachment permit review process, which will allow the County to proceed with the project within the timeline stipulated by the funding sources. In short – it's looking like this project is going to be designed and permitted by March 2013!

We'd like to thank San Mateo County Public Works staff for their dedication to this project and acknowledge the tireless work of our members who wrote mountains of letters and attended meeting after meeting in pursuit of funding. This intersection has truly galvanized cyclists who live and ride in San Mateo County.

This is a timely announcement, as SVBC successfully raised $15,000 for our Vision Zero: Silicon Valley campaign at our recent Annual Dinner. The fundraising effort would not have been possible without the motivation of a $5,000 challenge grant provided by Bob Ward, husband of Lauren. We're so thankful to Bob and happy that we're making progress on an issue that is deeply personal to him. His very generous contribution will allow us to continue fighting for safer roads and highway crossings in both counties.