SVBC office

Summer at the Bicycle Coalition is traditionally our “down” time. Our work load doesn't actually slow down much, but rather shifts to more administrative tasks – grant applications, pre-semester Safe Routes to School meetings, website tweaking, letterhead orders, program reports, et cetera. With the exception of our valet bike parking program, It's not always highly visible or very exciting stuff, which is why our steady stream of blog updates also slows to a trickle as the (digital) mercury rises.

There have been some exciting updates lately, though! Lest you think the wheels of bike advocacy have stopped, let me share some great news:

Big events like Bike to Work Day and programs like Safe Routes to School are fun and important and make for great photo opportunities, but there's a special satisfaction that comes when you see the fruits of unglamorous, persistent, everyday work. As always, thanks to all you advocates who stay informed, write letters, attend meetings, and talk to your neighbors about the value of supporting biking and walking!