SVBC would like to thank the Michael Lee Environmental Foundation for graciously providing a grant to fund a pilot summer youth bike safety education project in San Jose. The initial three-to-five-day summer program will focus on youth bicycle education while shedding light on the many health and environmental benefits pedaling has to offer. By working with MLEF to develop this program, we will be able to significantly expand our youth bike education efforts with community partners throughout the summer.

Our youth bicycle education in the past has been primarily focused in schools during the academic year. This program will allow us to reach students during the summer months and prepare them to roll their way to school safely in the upcoming school year. Through this program, we are looking to achieve several goals:

  1. Show students that walking or riding a bike is a fun way to travel to school, friends’ houses, the park, and other destinations.
  2. Teach students about the negative consequences of unnecessary automobile use and the health and environmental benefits associated with walking and bike riding.
  3. Impress upon students bicycle riding skills that will keep them safe and lead to a generation of skilled, law-abiding adult cyclists.
  4. Engage parents in order to promote the fact that walking and biking are not only safe, but also beneficial to the health and welfare of their children and the entire family.

More details about the program, including dates and location will be announced shortly.

Michael Lee Environmental Foundation was established by Michael Lee in 1999 to assist in environmental efforts and progress. The Foundation is dedicated to the concept that environmental quality is everyone's responsibility.

They deliver on this commitment through funding community-based projects and activities in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Through their efforts and those they support, they strive to provide examples of environmental integrity and public awareness through action and education.

Thanks to Michael Lee Environmental Foundation for recognizing the value in teaching our youth the joy and freedom found on a bicycle!