Fun and edgy bike shop ads

I had the opportunity to check out some of the innovative bike facilities in New York last week–in the best way possible: riding around on a rented tourist bike.

First, let me say that the City produces an amazing bike map, and the new High Line park is really cool. Second–although they have some neat facilities, there are still some issues… exemplified by times like when my partner and I were dumped from a nice two-way cycle track into the bottom of Manhattan and forced to follow signs for over a mile–on really busy lower Manhattan streets–to find the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge. Fine for two hardy cyclists like us, but not exactly what the average tourist is looking for.

But hey, they did have signage to direct us. Check out my photos of signage protecting cyclists on a two-way protected cycle track from right-turning motorists. Perhaps the best was the non-official and graffiti-enhanced posters slapped up on a construction site fence for a local bike shop.

The cyclist-specific stoplights on Broadway were exciting, as were the innovative pavement markings they are using through intersections to make everyone aware of where to expect cyclists. They even used stencils to depict the path for bikes on a temporary detour that led through a primarily pedestrian area.

Your move, Silicon Valley.