Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) Palo Alto Team
March 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Andrew Boone, David Coale, Bill Courington, Bob Cronin, Irvin Dawid,
Colin Heyne, Eric Nordman, Pam Radin, Eric Ramberg, Jeremy Shaw

1. David Coale – post to Google Group list of streets where merge
lanes onto Highway 101 are planned for modification, or any other
details of the project you're aware of – NOT DONE

  1. Irvin David – call manager of Printer's Ink Cafe as possible
    location for April's meeting – DONE

  2. Jeremy Shaw & Andrew Boone – review bicycle improvement
    expenditures in Palo Alto and other bike-friendly cities – NOT DONE

  3. Pam Radin – post to Google Group list of Oregon Expressway
    intersection planned to be improved – NOT DONE

  4. Colin Heyne – post to Google Group SVBC's recommendation for
    Stanford's $10.4 million – NOT DONE

David Coale proposed that the Team get involved with the project to
modify merge lanes onto Highway 101, but didn't state on which streets
the project involved.

Irvin Dawid asked “what is this group's email address?” Answer:

Eric Ramberg described the safety problem at the intersection of Moody
Rd/Buerna Vista Dr/Page Mill Rd – due to a lack of visibility of
oncoming vehicle traffic, and that two possible solutions are proposed
for it: 1. installation of STOP signs 2. grading back the embankment

Irvin Dawid volunteered to find a better location for next month's
(April) meeting, suggesting Printer's Cafe on California Avenue.

Jeremy Shaw reported that Palo Alto's Capital Improvement Program
(CIP) review process will take place in May or June. Agreed to help
review budget expenditures spent on bicycling in Palo Alto and other
bike-friendly cities

Pam Radin reported that Santa Clara County plans to improve multiple
Oregon Expressway intersections, not only Ross Rd.

Bill Courington reported that the Palo Alto Bicycle Advisory Committee
(PABAC) approved the PABAC Subcommittee's recommendations for proposed
changes to the Draft Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan at the
March 6 PABAC meeting.

Colin summarized the possible $10.4 million available from Stanford
University for the construction of recreational bike paths, and that
SVBC would make a recommendation to the Santa Clara County Board of
Supervisors on which projects this money should be spent.

David Coale reported that the California Avenue Streetscape Project
would be on the March 28 Planning & Transportation Commission agenda.