Google's Rolf Schreiber volunteers at an Energizer Station that saw over 600 BTWD participants

Press coverage of Bike to Work Day was phenomenal this year – from general coverage to personal stories, the media was happy to report on this huge, healthy, Bay-Area-wide event. SVBC managed to get quite a few nods, too. Here are some highlights:

Joe Rodriguez talked about his own conversion to bike commuting in the Mercury News:

Five years ago, a young woman crashed into my car and accidentally turned me into a full-time bicyclist. If I could find her today, I'd thank her for countless hours of pleasure over a cup of coffee, so long as the cafe is near a bike route to work.

De Anza College's La Voz made it out to the City of San José/SJSU Energizer Station, where they ran into a familiar bike commuter:

Executive director of Silicon Valley Bike [sic] Coalition Corinne Winter met commuters at the downtown San Jose energizer station, one of dozens of booths set up along bicycle commuting routes. These stations provided food, safety tips and tune-ups to new and long-time cyclists.

KGO-TV covered all the Bay Area Bike to Work Day action, and was sure to mention SVBC's fantastic end-of-the-day soiree:

In the South Bay, Silicon Valley bicyclists can celebrate their hard-earned miles at the Art Ark Gallery at 1035 S. Sixth St. in San Jose, organized by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, one of BTWD's lead sponsors, sent reporter Mark Jones all over the Bay. He made sure to swing by Google:

An Energizer Station set up on the Google campus in Mountain View had accommodated more than 1,500 bike-riding employees by midday Thursday.