This update from the Campbell BPAC comes courtesy of Laura Smith. Thanks, Laura! To learn more about BPACs, head to

The Pollard Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project is almost complete. The goal of this project was to make Pollard Road near Rolling Hills Middle School safer for the children riding their bikes to school. The bike lanes are complete and the radar signs will be functioning once they are programmed by the City. As an added bonus, 100 kid-sized bike helmets were purchased from Wheel Away (a bike shop located here in Campbell). Twenty-five helmets have already been given away. Herman Wadler, a member of our Committee, offered to teach some of the staff at Rolling Hills how to properly fit the bike helmets. This has been an excellent example of cooperation between various cities, public agencies and utilities, wise use of grant monies and planning.

The City of Campbell will also be posting on its WEB site the updated version of Bicycle Safety Tips. There are 10 “tips” instead of 20, and the language has been simplified and is more “kid friendly.” Check it out!