Alicia Aldama

I've been working on a passel of projects lately, from the reconstruction of this very website to the planning of a very fancy and important bike advocacy summit. (You're going, right? Of course you are! You were just about to go register at, I know.)

The most fun event I'm working on has to be the People-Powered Art Exhibition. When we first put out the call to artists, entries were barely trickling in – I believe we got three in the first two weeks. But as the due date approached, and I remembered that procrastination is the fuel of creativity, that trickle turned to a steady flow of wheels, feet, skateboards, and tricycles rendered in metal, paint, wood, and paper. Who knew that so many creative souls were into car-free locomotion, and that so many gearheads doubled as designers, painters, photographers, and sculptors? I, for one, was pleasantly surprised. Join us on May 4th, or at the Bike Away From Work Bash on May 10, and share my admiration for our community's creative spirit.