Group photo LCI training

Ernesto and I had a very active weekend at our League Certified Instructor (LCI) training in San Francisco. Not even the mildewy little hotel room we shared could dampen our spirits as we worked from morning into the wee hours with a great group to hone our skills as riders and instructors.

The LCI seminar was hosted by the Presidio YMCA's YBike program. They were lovely hosts and good people and I would like to thank them profusely for providing the space, handling logistics, and fueling us with bagels, coffee, and snacks. Perhaps it was the warm and welcoming atmosphere that set the tone for the weekend. All 15 seminar participants were friendly, funny, outgoing, and excited to share tips and learn new ones. That kind of spirit made all the difference, especially during Saturday's 12-hour marathon sessions.

I'd also like to thank our instructor, Jim Baross, who led the weekend with good humor and patience born of years of experience. Jim was a great teacher, more than willing to explain things twice and tackle tough questions, and still excited about bike skills education after decades of teaching. It was an honor to be his problem student!

Now Ernesto and I are the real deal. We have run the gamut of bicycle instructor training and are ready for whatever life throws at us: busted derailleurs, extra wide lanes, inattentive students, or a moose on the loose (it's kind of a long story). Through serendipity, much of the class was there to get in shape to teach youth through Safe Routes to School and related programs, so we really got to focus on the kind of teaching we will actually be doing here at SVBC. Of course, if you'd like a private weekend safety skills class, I hear charismatic young LCIs are going for about $100 an hour. Just kidding! Or am I? Call me.