You probably noticed the re-do of our website. It is still a work in progress, causing us all various degrees of frustration, including for our web developer, who is working hard to get it finished. It is going to be great when it is finished. In addition to the redesign, which is a lot in itself, we moved to a new host. This will be better in the long run, as our former long-time host caused various problems and breakdowns from time to time. However, our email is tied up with our website, a connection that I don’t pretend to understand, and when the website was moved, the former host just dumped the email, without any warning. So Monday morning we found ourselves without our email.

This would be bad enough, but we are still soliciting applications for our Safe Routes to School Assistant opening. I had just renewed our post on craigslist, which moved our ad up to the front page, and I didn’t want anyone to get a bounce. The worst part, I realized soon, was anyone sending an application through craigslist that day would not even get a bounce; it would just disappear, because we are using the craigslist forwarding feature. (If you don’t use it you get a lot of nasty phishing emails.) I immediately thought of moving the forward to my personal email, but then found I could not do that on my own because of the security requirements (the need to confirm by responding to an email to the original email address). I was finally able to straighten it out, and the craigslist people were helpful, but it took about five hours to get the work-around.

In the meantime, anyone applying during that period would not know we didn’t even receive their application. I know there is at least one, as a woman phoned me just when I got in to work to verify what email to use. I blithely said, “yes, just use the craigslist connection,” never dreaming how wrong I was! So if you or anyone you know didn’t receive an acknowledgement that we received your application, know that we did not receive it and please send it again! Go to… for application instructions.