Longtime member of Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and the San Carlos Transportation and Circulation Commission, 2010 Bike Commuter of the Year winner, and all-around enthusiastic proponent of pedal power Margaret Pye just got an op-ed piece published in the Daily Journal of San Mateo County. With a wink and a smile, Margaret dishes up some sound advice for motorists on sharing the road with cyclists:

Stay awake and aware. Look around you. Expect to see pedestrians and bicyclists, among other road users. Give a smile and a wave as you acknowledge the existence of others. I don’t drive a convertible, but my head is always out in the elements, and I never use ear buds or headphones to listen to music while bicycling. This means we can talk to each other. I enjoy yielding to pedestrians and saying, “Go ahead!” with a smile.

Well put, Margaret, and thank you for showing such a positive example the cycling community – happy, healthy, and ready to share the road safely.

You can read the whole piece by clicking here.