Sports Basement, a long-time supporter of SVBC and our members, has stepped up their generosity recently with a new 5%-back deal. In addition to their already awesome 10% discount given to SVBC members, they will now donate 5% of all member purchases back to SVBC. Seriously!

To clarify: you go to Sports Basement, buy some new gear at a great price with your 10% SVBC member discount, then Sports Basement says “Hey, how about we take five percent of that purchase and give it to SVBC?” You win, we win, Sports Basement wins your repeat business, because you love a good company, right?

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to Sports Basement. Over the years, you have housed our Bike to Work Day bag-stuffing, donated gear and gift certificates, and given our members the VIP treatment. This new gesture is the latest in a much-appreciated tradition of helping us promote the bicycle for everyday use.