Congratulations our new and returning Board of Directors members!

This year's voting concluded on December 15. All nine candidates that appeared on the ballot were elected or re-elected. We would like to congratulate Phil Brotherton, Dave Fork, and Scott Lane on becoming the newest SVBC leaders and welcome back re-elected members Shiloh Ballard, Gary Brustin, Ted Huang, Jack Miller, Alyssa Picka, and Jeff Selzer. Serving on the SVBC Board is no easy task: these super-volunteers play a crucial role in our organization's operations and development, in addition to working hard on fundraising. We're fortunate to have such a stellar team!

We would also like to wish all the best to our departing Board members Felipe Buitrago, Greg McPheeters, and Lilia Scott. Thank you for your service to this organization!

You can read about all our current Board members at

Election Results:

Number of voters: 96
Total eligible: 741
Percentage voted: 12.96

Gary Brustin: 88 votes, 91.67%
Dave Fork: 87 votes, 90.62%
Jeff Selzer: 83 votes, 86.46%
Shiloh Ballard: 81 votes, 84.38%
Jack Miller: 81 votes, 84.38%
Alyssa Plicka: 81 votes, 84.38%
Ted Huang: 79 votes, 82.29%
Scott Lane: 76 votes, 79.17%
Phil Brotherton: 72 votes, 75%

There were a number of write-ins, none of whom received more than one vote.