It’s been a while since I’ve gotten my hands sticky with glue (the kind you can eat without getting sick), my fingers marked with a few paper cuts, and a whiff of those scented markers I used back in elementary. This past Monday, my colleague and I met with parents of Anne Darling Elementary students to get supplies ready for the walking school buses that will be taking place at that school every Wednesday in October.

We started off with about a dozen empty cardboard boxes that were destined to become beautiful yellow side panels of the cardboard buses; and a lot of tape, glue, scissors, markers, and construction paper to make it all come together. We realized that with the supplies we had on hand we would be able to construct two buses about five feet in length (where up to six students would be able to ride in) and a few other smaller ones.

After two hours of cutting, taping, gluing and coloring we called it a day. Next Monday, October 3, we will be returning to finalize what we started. Then, on Wednesday, October 5, we will use all the props we built during the first of four parent and student walking school buses to Anne Darling.

If you would like to help create these great walking school bus props next Monday, or if you are interested in helping out with the kids bike rodeo on Wednesday, October 5, please email to sign up.