Last week I met with the lead developer on the Google expansion project, did a quick site visit, and talked with some of our members to understand their assessment of the situation. Thanks to Patrick Grant for helping me understand the potential to better connect NASA to the network.

My comments at the meeting with the developer included suggestions regarding:

  • – Down lighting on the Stevens Creek Trail.
  • – Need to have bike bridges work for people who are just meandering between meetings (lower grades).
  • – Need to have bike/ped access to the 2 planned vehicular bridges even though there will be 2 bike/ped side bridges/paths.
  • – Encouragement to explore a bike kitchen type of facility within the new building itself.
  • – Need to consider the bike/ped experience of entering /exiting the building, attractive bridges, etc.
  • – Consideration of separate bike/ped treatments on the bridges/paths and reference to NACTO guidelines and VTA Bicycle Technical Guidelines.

Please share your own thoughts on the issue in the comments below.