SVBC would like to thank Michael Lee Environmental Foundation for its recent grant in support of SVBC's youth bicycle education efforts in San José.

The grant will enable us to work with a local elementary school to establish a once-weekly pair of group-commutes to school that will utilize biking and walking, instead of motor vehicles. Students will learn about the environmental effects of driving, including water and air pollution, and calculate the amount of carbon dioxide they prevented from entering the atmosphere by biking or walking. The Bikepool and Walking Bus will give children a chance to have fun while learning how their choices can lessen environmental damage.

Michael Lee Environmental Foundation was established by Michael Lee in 1999 to assist in environmental efforts and progress. The Foundation is dedicated to the concept that environmental quality is everyone's responsibility.

They deliver on this commitment through funding community-based projects and activities in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Through their efforts and those they support, they strive to provide examples of environmental integrity and public awareness through action and education.

Thanks Michael Lee Environmental Foundation for recognizing the value in teaching our youth the joy and freedom found on a bicycle. Stay tuned to learn more about this exciting project!