This weekend I went to Park City, Utah, for some rest and cycling. For our road ride we decided to go down to the Glenview area, which is nestled in a nature preserve with lots of fancy houses in it (castles, really). When we passed under Hwy 80, we were greeted by a lot of water. Apparently they just decided to make their pre-existing culverts double as bike/ped paths. Ah, Utah.

A wet and wild bikeway.

While the underpass was fraught with hazards (as the sign suggests), it was better than using the vehicle interchange, so I'm glad they don't have a silly habit of closing it with gates during the wet season, like our agencies in Silicon Valley tend to do. Although going through the long, narrow, low-ceiling, dimly lit, wet tunnel was admittedly a little strange, and when I stopped to take the below photo it felt a little spooky listening to the cars passing a few feet above my head.

In the belly of the beast.

The next day we went on a mountain bike ride, which was absolutely amazing–Park City is one of the most fabulous spots for mountain biking in my opinion. The best thing is leaving straight from Andy's house onto the hill… you too can spoil yourself while biking in Park City if you join us Nov 3 at SVBC's Annual Dinner and bid on the week-long stay in this house in the live auction. It's a great spot, whether you go in the summer or want to take advantage of the ski in/out location in the winter time.

If we auction it, they will come.