On the morning of May 12 I decided to take the scenic route to work and visit several Energizer Stations located near my home and office in San Jose. On the way I met the volunteers who I’ve been working with for months to make it all happen, many who I’ve never met in person. It was great to see all the enthusiasm I encountered along the way from first time riders, from experienced cyclists, and from volunteers who were cheering on all Bike to Work Day Participants.

My first stop was the Plant 51 station located near Diridon Station. There I found the three organizers who had a fully stocked energizer station with everything you may need to rehydrate or keep yourself warn.

Then, I decided to continue up San Fernando Street where I encountered a first-year station hosted by Fehr & Peers.

I continued up San Fernando street and followed a couple of cyclists to the City of San Jose’s station at the corner of 4th and San Fernando. There I found one of the largest station I’ve seen with at least ten volunteers. Some of them were fitting helmets, others were passing out BTWD bags, others were cheering on passing cyclists, and a few mechanics were doing minor maintenance on bikes. I even ran into Councilmember Sam Liccardo.

After such great time, I decided to ride to the Guadalupe Creek Trail where I encountered Leslie Hamilton and Guadalupe Garden’s Energizer Station. There I also met the person below who said that he initially began biking to work on Bike to Work Day a few years ago, and now does it a couple times every week.

Onward, I continued to Breathe California’s Station on Park Ave.

Then, I decided to make my final stop of the day at the Station located near the Caltrain Statation where Mary Medeiros McEnroe shared one of her favorite visitors of the day.

Overall, Bike to Work Day was a great success as our Energizer Stations reported a 13% increase in bicyclist participation, which doesn’t include the tens of thousands that were not counted by our stations throughout the county. Special thanks to all the volunteer, sponsors, staff, and participants that made it all happen.