Did you know that you can benefit SVBC as well as yourself by recording your exercise? (You are exercising, right?)

I discovered this when I realized that here it is, almost May, and I still have the 10 pounds I gained over the winter. So I resolved to exercise daily, and decided to check out the Plus 3 Network fundraising possibility.

Here’s how it works: You sign up with Plus 3, record the exercise you do in various categories, earn “kudos” which translate into money, which then is sent to the charity/nonprofit that you designate. While it’s only a few cents each time, it will add up. And almost any exercise qualifies. They even have a category for “chores.” (Credit for vacuuming??)

And here’s what surprised me: This is a real motivator. I don’t usually do things like this. It’s fun to record your activities, and see the cents add up. So maybe I only accumulate four cents for doing yoga in the morning. Doing it just five days a week adds up to over $10 in a year, and that will be added to my other activities. It makes me want to see how much I can earn. So I get up and do the yoga in the morning rather than rolling over for some more sleep.

The funds sent to the nonprofit for your exercise are donated by a business. For SVBC, it’s Chain Reaction Bicycles. So the money I earn for SVBC with my exercise is actually donated by Chain Reaction. Since donations are an important part of our budget, this is great for us.

So check it out! Go to http://www.plus3network.com and sign up. And please choose SVBC as your “cause.”