I attended the dinner held last Thursday for the 2011 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley, at which our ED, Corinne Winter was honored. And it was an honor; to think that the ED of a bicycle advocacy organization was included! It is one of the indications of the inroads we have made. Also, it is great that the spotlight was on women. I can remember the day, not so long ago, when there would not be anything like this focused on women.

But back to the dinner. It was huge, with something like 700 attendees. Each honoree went to the podium and received an engraved glass plaque from Tiffany. And each was asked to make a very brief statement saying what person or event most influenced them. The majority said their mother, which I expect was correct. I think many successful women probably had some good encouragement from their mothers. Corinne said “taking opportunities that arise, my mother, and riding my bicycle.” Or something similar; I may not have the exact words here.

You can see the information on all the honorees at: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2011/04/14/women-of-influence-20…

BTW, Corinne when asked what is her 5-year goal, said: “I hope to make bicycling an accepted, common, and celebrated means of transportation in Silicon Valley.”

Go Corinne!