Colin and Corinne cherish SVBC's new fridge with the most flattering of poses.

Here's a textbook lesson on how to win the hearts of SVBC staffers. When I posted on the SVBC Facebook page that we could use a fridge for the office, member Ann Jasper offered one up. Ann didn't have a used fridge for us, mind you – she told us she would buy us a new one.

Naturally, I thought I was dealing with a crazy person.

Turns out, Ann is just crazy about SVBC and wanted to help us out in our time of need. Says Ann, “this is a great excuse for me to give back something to an organization that promotes a sport that changed my life. Love you guys!”

We love you too, Ann. You've given us a place to store our sandwiches – but, more importantly, you've reminded us that the work we do helps to make people's lives better and it's appreciated. We'll keep working for you and everybody else who chooses to ride a bike in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, whether they give us shiny new appliances or not!

Oh, the fridge also came with my favorite toy: