Here's the latest from the City of San José Department of Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services:

Construction Projects

Work on the Guadalupe River Trail extension continues on track with completion expected for this December. A ramping structure has been installed to provide access from Woz Way downward towards the channel. It follows the Children’s Discovery Museum parking lot but is completely separated from auto traffic. As of the week of October 18, expect trail access at Woz Way to be more narrow because of construction fencing. The linked “narrow access” notice includes a photo showing an orange delineating line at the location of future construction fencing… please travel through this area cautiously. Public access will be maintained during construction of the paved gateway element.

Construction of the Silverstone Reach of the Lower Silver Creek Trail system is now complete. You can view photos of the completed 0.3 mile trail at:


The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) plans to award San Jose a $200,000 grant for design of 1.1 mile of the Bay Trail. The funds will be combined with other resources so that design may proceed later this year. The future trail will link to a 540’ pedestrian bridge to span the Alviso Slough. No funds are yet identified for construction but advancing the projects’ design will make the projects more competitive for future opportunities.

Grants for the following projects have been submitted over the past 30 days:

  • – Thompson Creek Trail (Tully to Quimby)
  • – Lower Guadalupe River – Tasman Under-Crossing
  • – Coyote Creek Trail (Hwy 237 to Tasman) (2 grants)

The County of Santa Clara has allocated $1,000,000 in additional funding for acquisition of parcels for the future Three Creeks Trail. This past week, the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority made $1,000,000 available for the same purpose.


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