As part of the research going into the upcoming City of San Mateo Bikeways Master Plan, volunteers are needed to count passing bicycles at six locations throughout San Mateo September 11-18th.

The City is looking for volunteers to help with this very important count effort!

Are you available September 14, 15 or 16 from 7-9am?
Are you available September 11 or 18 from 10am-Noon?

They're looking for volunteers to count at the following six locations:

  • 3rd Avenue Bridge Path
  • 3rd Avenue at Dartmouth Road
  • Concar Drive at Delaware Street
  • Alameda De Las Pulgas at West Hillsdale Boulevard
  • 5th Avenue at South Grant Street
  • Alameda De Las Pulgas at Parkside Way

They will assign locations to volunteers in the coming weeks.

Counts Training:
An in-field count training will be hosted on September 8th at 6pm, location to follow. You will need to attend this short training in order to help with the count effort.

If you would like to help, please complete the following Doodle poll:

To keep updated on the Plan's progress, visit: