Vision Zero

No matter how hard we work to show people that bikes are fun, healthy, and green, we haven’t accomplished our mission until we, and our neighbors, know that cycling is safe for everybody. That’s why we created the “Vision Zero: Silicon Valley” initiative. This advocacy campaign is inspired by other Vision Zero movements in New York, Oregon, and Europe. It will builds on elements of our Share the Road initiative, Safe Highway Crossings campaign, and Incident Report Database.

Cycling is a safe and healthy activity. Still, the sense of vulnerability many people feel on a bike keeps them locked in their cars. Vision Zero: Silicon Valley will help reduce that anxiety by shaping a culture and environment where riding a bike is a respected and protected way to get around. This initiative will:

  • Address unsafe intersections, inadequate barrier crossings, and dangerous stretches of roadway.
  • Identify motorists who intentionally harass, provoke, or endanger cyclists and report them to authorities.
  • See to it that ALL roadway infrastructure projects are proposed and constructed in accordance with Complete Streets principles.
  • Educate cyclists and motorists so that all users of the road share it safely.
  • Pursue a goal of zero fatalities and zero major injuries due to roadway design or user error.

Click here to learn more about our Roadway Safety Solutions Team, the heart of Vision Zero: Silicon Valley.

This program is generously supported by Genentech.

Additional support has come from individual donors.