Safe Routes to School

At SVBC, we are committed to helping raise healthy and active children. Through our Safe Routes to School programs, we prepare children with the safety knowledge they need to stay healthy and active by bicycling and walking to school.

Not long ago, half of all children got to school by biking or walking. Today, just 15 percent of school children bike or walk to school. An international movement in over 40 countries and in all 50 states has been underway to reverse this recent trend by aiming to promote more biking and walking through increased safety, awareness, and education.

Our programs use the following components to promote more walking and bicycling:

The Five E’s:

  • Education – Classroom and outdoor instruction that teach students safe walking and biking skills to use on their way to and from school.
  • Encouragement – Keep participants engaged through events, contests and initiatives that encourage students and parents to walk and bike to school more often.
  • Engineering – Help identify barriers and solve problems in the built environment to make biking and walking easier.
  • Enforcement – Work with law enforcement to improve traffic safety around schools.
  • Evaluation – Measure and monitor progress and success of programs and activities.

National Bike to School Day – May 6, 2015

Celebrate National Bike to School Day at your school by encouraging students, parents, and school administrators to bike to school. This event also provides a great opportunity to promote walking, riding a scooter or skateboard as an alternative — all fun and active ways of getting to school. Spread the word at your school by utilizing one of our 2015 Bike to School Day Flyer, or create your own. Try to involve as many students, parents, and administrators as advocates and volunteers. Bike to School Day Tips and Setup Guide

Family Biking Workshops

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is dedicated to educating and promoting safe bicycling throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Currently, we are proud to offer educational workshops to schools, youth centers, and other community organizations that are looking to encourage their students, employees, and community members to ride their bike for recreation, transportation, and fun. These workshops incorporate information about rules of the road, bike handling skills, ride planning, and even bike repair.

To request a free workshop for your school or community organization, please complete the Family Biking Workshop Request Form.

San Mateo County

In partnership with the San Mateo County Office of Education, SVBC has been involved in promoting and delivering Safe Routes to School programming at over half a dozen cities in San Mateo County. During the 2013-2014 schools year, SVBC taught bicycle and pedestrian safety education to nearly 6,000 students at over 30 schools, and thousands more participated in encouragement events. Our efforts at these schools are not only meant to promote more walking and bicycling, but to also generate awareness in the community about the need to be more conscious about child safety. In addition to providing student walk and bike education and encouragement, multiple workshops and events are organized to engage parents and the entire community. As the 2014-2015 school year approaches, we will strive to continue our efforts at even more communities in San Mateo County. To learn more about the San Mateo County Safe Routes to School program, visit

City of Santa Clara

SVBC has been working with the City of Santa Clara and Alta Planning + Design to implement a two-year Safe Routes to School program at six elementary schools and one middle school in the Santa Clara Unified School District: Montague, Bowers, Briarwood, Haman, Sutter, Scott Lane, and Cabrillo. The program includes bike and walk to school education and encouragement through classroom instruction, bike rodeos, walking school buses, and other fun events and activities that promote more walking and bicycling. During the 2013-2014 school year, nearly 1,000 students received bicycle and pedestrian safety instruction, and thousands more participated in walk/bike encouragement events. The program is expected to continue during the 2014-2015 school year, with an addition of five more schools. More details will be announced soon.  To learn more about this program, visit

Ongoing Collaboration

SVBC also reaches out to provide support and expertise to other schools and agencies that want to implement Safe Routes to School programs in Silicon Valley and the Peninsula. In Santa Clara County, we are a member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Work Group for the Traffic Safe Communities Network of Santa Clara County Public Health.

We would like to thank Specialized Bicycles for supporting our youth education and Safe Routes to School programs.