Ralston Avenue corridor bike lanes in Belmont
In the City of Belmont, local residents make 2-3 trips per day on Ralston Avenue. It is the only road that cuts through from Highway 280, State Route 92, through residential areas and schools, to downtown and the Caltrain station, to Highway 101 and the Bay. This uniqueness makes it essential to all residents of Belmont, no matter how they choose to get around. The current high vehicle speeds, however, make travel by bike an unwelcoming endeavor for many. As the City has been involved in their Ralston Avenue Corridor Study, SVBC has been pushing to include continuous bike lanes on all segments of Ralston, from Highway 92 to Highway 101. In particular, the downtown area and Caltrain station area should be prioritized since there are many businesses that people who bike want to access but feel unsafe doing so. Adding bike lanes would help to calm traffic and make for a more inviting downtown. We are working to see that the final corridor plan is inclusive of these types of designs.

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