Be it through improving the trails systems people ride on or teaching children how to properly fit a helmet, our programs help the people of Silicon Valley feel safe about using their bikes.

Bicycle Education Classes

We offer a variety of bicycle safety classes for both adults and children that not only teach about how to fit a helmet, but also inform bicyclists and motorists how to ride peacefully together in traffic and what their rights and responsibilities are on the road.

The Bicycle Education page has more information and class descriptions. Check the calendar for upcoming classes.

Bicycle Friendly Workplace

The Bicycle Friendly Workplace (BFW) program was launched in order to establish and certify standards that make the workplace a welcoming environment for those who prefer pedal power, and to encourage more employers to become “bicycle friendly.”

The program page has more details, as does the FAQ. To see if your workplace is certified check out the participation listing.

Bike to Work Day

Every May, we go all out to show the workers of Silicon Valley that not only can they bike to work in a reasonable amount of time, but that it’s also a healthy, viable means of commuting everyday.

Join us for the next Bike to Work Day!

Connecting Trails

Because safe bicycling is not always about how to ride a bike properly, we also work with cities and other organizations to help connect communities by connecting trails so that we all can have a beautiful, intersection-less ride.

North South Route Map

The North South Route Map is an ongoing project to show a bicycle-friendly route up and down the Peninsula. The supplemental packet shows areas of caution and paths to points of interest.

Share the Road

In the Share the Road initiative, we’re working on increasing the comfort level of both motorists and bicyclists when they share the road together by informing each of their rights and responsibilities.

Valet Parking Service

Providing a safe place to park their bicycle not only encourages attendees to use their bike, but also reduces parking lot traffic for all event attendees. Not only do we offer this service at a reasonable rate, but with 20 years of experience, we do a darn good job at it too.

Learn more about this service on the bicycle valet parking page, or contact SVBC to valet your next event!