Middlefield Road bikeway in North Fair Oaks
Middlefield Road in North Fair Oaks serves a dual purpose: acting as the main business district for the community with many locally owned shops and key services such as a Health Center and schools, and providing a direct route from Redwood City to Menlo Park and Atherton. The current four-lane configuration with diagonal parking and minimal traffic signals makes for an unwelcoming streetscape for people who bike and walk. SVBC is engaging in the Middlefield Road redesign study in North Fair Oaks to help transform that corridor into a safe and comfortable route for all users. We are advocating for protected bike lanes to accommodate the many people who bike on this corridor and as a tool for traffic calming and increased safety.

Recent News

North Fair Oaks Middlefield Rd. road diet and bike lanes approved!

On Tuesday, October 21st, I attended the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors meeting at which they unanimously approved the North Fair Oaks Community Council’s design recommendations for Middlefield between 5th and Pacific, including: 3 lanes (from the existing 4), bike lanes, wide sidewalks and parallel parking to replace the current diagonal parking! As this has been one of our priority campaigns under our Connecting our Communities Initiative, I spoke in favor of the project and process and why these changes would help to contribute to a safer and more vibrant Middlefield. The next steps will include a preliminary design, at which point we will be able to comment more, and some additional reports on parking, signalization and business sustainability. The Board was particularly complimentary of the public outreach process, which included multiple community and stakeholder meetings, a survey that gathered almost 2,000 respondents, and lots of publicity. All materials were available in both English and Spanish, including public presentations. A significant part of this process was the business outreach. A majority of business owners, even those who run auto-related businesses, were in favor of adding bike lanes and changing the parking from diagonal to parallel parking. They recognized how bicycling is a key transportation option for many of their customers and neighbors. In addition, the Board approved a business sustainability plan, to help retain the many locally owned businesses in this area. We feel these design features will help the community achieve its goals for a safe and vibrant corridor in addition to closing a gap in the County bike network and providing opportunities for active transportation. The...

Campaign update: Middlefield Road bikeway in North Fair Oaks

Last night, the North Fair Oaks Community Council voted to recommend to the Board of Supervisors several design features for the reconstruction of Middlefield Road between 5th and Pacific Avenues: Three traffic lanes Bike lanes Parallel parking Sidewalks wide enough to accommodate street amenities including: Benches and other seating Greenery Street and pedestrian lighting Trash and recycling receptacles Street art Public spaces This is a great first step in our campaign to see protected bike lanes on Middlefield Rd. in North Fair Oaks and our initiative to Connect Our Communities. The next step will be on October 21, when the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors will consider this recommendation. You can write or call your County Supervisor to urge them to approve the Council’s recommendation. Following that, the Council will consider the more specific design details of the roadway. This decision is also the result of excellent grassroots work by our members and staff, who attended several public workshops, completed the community survey and spoke with their representatives to urge the three-lane configuration, which will provide more roadway space for wider sidewalks and bicycle lanes. These improvements will improve circulation for pedestrians and bicyclists and encourage a mode shift from vehicles to walking or biking as a result of better conditions, leading to a safer and less congested roadway for all. A big thank you and congratulations to the North Fair Oaks Community...