Hazard Reporting

Use these numbers to report hazards on the road. If you find a number is incorrect or out of date, please let us know by using the contact form to the lower right of this page.

Atherton 650/325-4457
Belmont (FAX) 650/593-8394
City of Brisbane 415/508-2130
Burlingame 650/558-7670
Campbell 408/866-2145
Colma 650/997-8300
Cupertino signals 408/777-1366
Cupertino pub wrks 408/777-3269
Daly City 650/991-8038
East Palo Alto 650/853-3100
Foster City 650/286-8146
Gilroy 408/842-3191
Half Moon Bay 650/726-8260
Hillsborough 650/579-3800
Los Altos 650/947-2685
Los Altos Hills 650/941-7222
Los Gatos 408/354-6865
Menlo Park 650/858-3490
Millbrae 650/259-2374
Milpitas 408/586-2600
Monte Sereno 408/354-7635
Morgan Hill 408/779-7271
Mountain View 650/903-6311
Pacifica 650/738-7348
Palo Alto 650/329-2136
Portola Valley 650/851-1700
Redwood City 650/780-7464
San Carlos 650/802-4204
San Jose 408/535-3850
City of San Mateo 650/522-7350
Santa Clara 408/615-3080
Saratoga 408/868-1245
South San Francisco 650/829-6650
Stanford 650/725-2453
Sunnyvale 408/730-7407
Woodside 650/851-6790
Santa Clara County (North) 408/366-3100
Santa Clara County (South) 408/683-1240
Bad Driver Report Line 408/730-7109
VTA LRT Construction 408/321-5754
CalTrans, District 4 510/286-5598
CalTrans (drain grates) 510/286-6377
San Mateo County 650/363-4103
South San Mateo County 650/369-7840

State Highways

CalTrans District 4 Headquarters 510-286-5598
CalTrans (drain grates) 510-286-6377
CalTrans (road hazards on El Camino
Real or freeway ramps)
CalTrans (signals on El Camino Real) 650-557-1309
CalTrans Construction Office
(construction on El Camino Real)


  1. Thank you, this list is very helpful. Email for these centers would also be helpful.

    On my ride today I counted 3 dead skunks, 1 dead raccoon, 1 dead unidentifiable, lots of gravel, and 2 large piles of broken glass all in a 2 mile long stretch of San Tomas Expwy. It is unclear what jurisdiction corresponds to sections of this road.

    The concrete plant near 101 and San Tomas seems to be an ever increasing source of gravel on the road. The truck operators are legally responsible for this spillage. Today I popped a rock into the side of a car; this happens frequently.

    Similarly, the glass in the road is supposed to be cleaned up by the tow truck driver; this is a legal obligation. The law is clearly not being enforced. I have even watched a CHP officer over see a tow truck haul away a damaged car, and ignore the scattered car parts in the bike lane. I called the CHP to complain, but all they did was send a CHP officer out to pick up the parts when they should have forced the tow truck operator (I provided identification information) to do the clean up.

  2. I commute every day between PayPal on North First St and the Levis Stadium train station. Part of the route goes long the new protected bike lane on West Trimble Rd. There seem to be a large number of cars that like to use the bike lane like an express lane. I’ve almost been rear-ended twice, passed within an inch of my handlebars several times, and honked at repeatedly.

    This is not a hazard in the road, it is a hazard from the drivers. How do we get motorists educated and possibly enforce the laws?

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