Diridon Station Area Project

The City of San Jose’s Diridon Transit Station has the potential to become a world-class hub of people, activity and ideas, one that celebrates San Jose’s diverse population, stimulates the local economy and promotes environmental sustainability.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and the cyclists that we represent are pleased to see two years worth of outreach and consensus building come to fruition. In various community and neighborhood meetings we sought and received bottom up suggestions for a vibrant Diridon Station Area that represent the desires of a diverse group of constituents. To see a more detailed look at our vision please continue to:

Diridon Station Area Vision

Thank you to all those who came to our second Diridon Station Community Meeting. Carlos Babcock, our community outreach coordinator gave a presentation outlining steps to place-making in the Diridon Station.

The Diridon Station Area is set to be one of the largest multi-platform transit hubs in the nation. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in city planning and let it be known that bicycle resources are an important feature in a modern community.

It is our goal to make sure community leaders shape a plan for Diridon Station that:

Improves mobility for pedestrians, cyclists and transit-users

  • Incorporate pedestrian and bicyclist friendly design
  • Expand connections to Downtown San Jose
  • Include environmentally sensitive street design

Promotes the public realm and includes access to parks and trails

  • Preserve and enhance the local natural habitat
  • Design quality community gathering spaces
  • Celebrate San Jose’s cultural and agricultural history

Encourages a mix of homes, shops and jobs attractive to a creative and diverse workforce

  • Pursue appropriate and well-designed densities
  • Create a thriving, inclusive and interactive urban setting
  • Provide quality jobs and homes affordable to a range of incomes

These elements will reduce San Jose’s impact on climate change, promote a healthier lifestyle for its residents and create a complete and well-integrated community!

Please share your thoughts with us on this platform for the San Jose Diridon Station Area by leaving us a comment at the bottom of the page.

The Diridon Station Area Project is a collaboration between Greenbelt Alliance and the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition, as part of the Great Communities Collaborative. A special thank you goes to the San Francisco Foundation, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and the East Bay Community Foundation for assisting with funding for the Great Communities Collaborative.

Caltrain Platform photo by SVBC member Richard Masoner.