Connecting Our Communities

The small-town nature of Silicon Valley means that you may live in one city, work in another, and do your errands in a third. It is our goal to expand transit options by making sure that people and families of all ages and abilities can get to all your destinations in a safe, comfortable and convenient way – on a bike! We would like to connect our communities, from end to end. This means working with cities and the counties to improve local bike facilities and routes, and ensure that they are working to fill in the gaps and make their jurisdiction a welcoming place for people to choose a bike as transportation. These types of campaigns focus on implementing city bike plans, creating neighborhood bikeways, improving local streets and creating North-South bike routes.

Recent News

South San Francisco Downtown Plan and new Caltrain station approved

The City of South San Francisco recently passed their Downtown Station Area Plan by unanimous vote. Just a week later, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority (SMCTA) voted authorize allocation of $49.1 million in original Measure A funds to the City of SSF for...