Bikepool is a group commute solution designed to get you out of your car and onto your bike, networking and having fun on your way to and from the daily grind.
Are you still commuting to work the same old way – alone in your car, stuck in traffic, with life passing you by? Wouldn’t the daily commute be better if you could move around, get some exercise and fresh air, and meet other people?

Bikepool is here to help you get out of traffic and onto your bike on your way to and from work. Our goal is to create a system of Bikepool routes with published maps and schedules, with each route led by an experienced, friendly chauffeur. Bikepool moves at a moderate pace, and is appropriate for people of all riding abilities. We take away the stress and uncertainty of riding to work alone – join a Bikepool route and see for yourself how fun and invigorating a bike ride with new friends can be!

lupebikepool San Jose
lupebikepool is a free morning bicycle group-commute program northbound along the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose. Ride to work with your coworkers, friends and neighbors, utilizing a fun, safe, and inclusive service. bikepools are scheduled every Wednesday of the month, and are led by experienced and trained ride leaders.

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Bikepool Mountain View
Bikepool Stevens Creek Trail (SCT)

During the winter and spring of 2016, SVBC coordinated bikepools for those commuting along the Stevens Creek Trail during the evening hours. SVBC’s bike-away-from-work daily bikepools were scheduled during the evening, led by experienced and SVBC trained ride leaders. The goal of this program was to provide encouragement and motivation to continue to bike commute through the winter months. Check back soon to see if these bikepools will resume in the near future.

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If you’re interested in a new route to serve your neighborhood or city, please contact us. As we develop the Bikepool program, routes and times are being adjusted to meet the needs of our participants. Your feedback is important to help us build a better program!