Better Biking

SVBC has determined five broad initiatives that govern our main campaigns and will lead to more people on bikes and a healthier and safe environment for bicycles. These initiatives are what the region needs in order to encourage an increase in bike trips to 10% by 2025.
SVBC Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee comprises four Board members and four SVBC members who are appointed for a yearly term. The group discusses local biking policy issues of interest to SVBC and advises the SVBC Board and staff on positions. Meetings are open to current SVBC members and are generally held the fourth Tuesday of the month. See our calendar for more information.

How you can help improve bicycling in your community

Do you want to get involved in improving bicycling in your community? Then consider joining one of our Local Teams! These teams are made up of people who bike in a particular city or region and meet monthly to discuss relevant issues such as new bike infrastructure, events, social rides, and city policies and plans. Check out our calendar to find details about the next local team meeting near you!

Policy suggestions from the Local Teams can be submitted to the SVBC Policy Advisory Committee (see above) and help shape our advocacy efforts.

How SVBC can help you improve bicycling in your community

If there is a problem in your community that you would like SVBC to help support you on, please first explore our existing Initiatives and consider bringing the issue to one of our Local Teams for discussion – our local experts might have the knowledge you need!

To submit your request to staff and the SVBC Policy Advisory Committee for review, please fill out our Position Recommendation Form and send it to