Safe Routes to Facebook


Facebook has ambitious goals for getting its employees to work without driving alone. When fully completed in 2018, Facebook expects that about 50% of its projected 9,400 employees will take shuttles, use transit, bicycle, or walk to Facebook’s new Menlo Park Campus. This is a significant increase – about 40% of Facebook employees used these alternative modes of transportation to get to work at Facebook’s former location in Palo Alto.

Bicycling is a key to enabling Facebook to achieve these ambitious goals. A comprehensive network of bicycle routes near Facebook’s campus would allow many more employees to bike to work, and will benefit local residents too with safer bike routes and lower traffic congestion. With a network of high-quality routes to choose from, commuters of all skill levels will be able to bike to work safely.

Barriers for Facebook bike commuters include: major gaps in existing bike lanes, crossing Highway 101, fast-moving traffic on busy streets (Willow Rd and University Ave), intimidating intersections on Bayfront Expressway, and completing a critical one-mile gap in the Bay Trail.

With safe, continuous bike lanes on key routes and a continuous bike path (the Bay Trail), both commuters and recreational cyclists would be able to bike safety.

Routes for improvement

Route From To Goal
Willow Road Middlefield Road Bayfront Expressway continuous bike lanes
University Avenue Woodland Avenue Bayfront Expressway continuous bike lanes
Bay Road Bay Trail at Runnymede Street Willow Rd at Newbridge Street continuous bike lanes
Bay Trail Runnymede Street University Avenue continuous bike path

Get involved

Here are ways you can join the effort for safer routes leading to this major employment center:

January 2012

Attend the Menlo Park Planning Commission meeting on January 9 to give your comments on the draft EIR

December 2011

Review the draft environmental impact report on December 15