Tell them what you think: El Camino Real survey

The City of Menlo Park is conducting the El Camino Real Corridor Study! The study will review potential transportation and traffic safety improvements to El Camino Real between Sand Hill Road and Encinal Avenue.

The City is inviting the community to provide ideas and feedback on how the El Camino Real, being a key roadway connecting cities throughout the Peninsula, can become a safer and more accommodating transportation resource for all users, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

The City heard from many at the first workshop in April 2014, but now’s an additional chance to tell them what you think! They have a 10-minute survey on the project website – fill it out and give them your thoughts on El Camino.

Stay tuned to the project website for future updates, including the next workshop in Fall 2014, where they will be discussing improvement options.


  1. Angela Hey El Camino is not a great bike route – so I would get rid of any ideas about making it a place to bike – in Menlo Park Alma and the bike bridge are alternatives and there needs to be a better bike corridor on the west side of El Camino. I’d rather take the lane on the right-side lane than be in a bike lane – that way I’d avoid car door openings and make the cars move over a lane. That would give me a wider lane. El Camino is treacherous enough because there are many openings from shops, etc. as well as buses that pull out on you. I was amazed that in the early days of Google Maps it would give El Camino as a possible route in San Carlos when Industrial was a much better way for me to go – so don’t even think of encouraging bikers on El Camino. Put money into bike boulevards in other places (for example another bridge across the creek from Sand Hill to Alta Lane might be good. Then get an easement on the car parks behind places like Menlo Velo and put a bike path behind the stores – may need to use eminent domain to get there – but that would be far preferable to biking on El Camino.

  2. We understand your opinion Angela. However, many bicyclists already are using El Camino Real, because it is the most direct north-south route throughout the Peninsula. There is a real need for safety improvements on that road, not only for people who bike but for all users, including school children who cross El Camino Real to get to school. We also envision El Camino as a vibrant, lovely corridor in which people feel comfortable getting around and accessing the many businesses and other services on the strip, no matter their choice of transportation.


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