Hedding bike lanes

Wow, I'm so thrilled! The VTA Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC), and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) have all recommended a list of Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) and Bicycle Expenditure Plan (BEP) projects to the VTA board for final approval next week… and one of them is bike lanes on Hedding in San Jose from Park to 17th! This is wonderful, because our office is on Alameda and Hedding, and every time I go to meetings in North San Jose from the office, I ride down Hedding, and it's a bit sketchy–particularly the bridge over the railroad tracks. I do wonder how the SJ DOT plans to deal with that bridge.

There were several other great projects funded, including the San Antonio bike lanes that SVBC championed as a substitute for VTA and SJ not being able to fit bike lanes on Alum Rock as part of their BRT project. For the full list of projects, see:

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